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Rates and Quoting Projects

Our current hourly billing rate is $110.00 per hour (01/03/2011).
The way we approach quoting an entire 'project' only uses the current hourly billing rate as a starting point. In developing the quote, we will be looking at what it is that needs to be done in its entirety and present a cost to produce that application. In general, as the amount of hours estimated to produce a given application increases, the hourly billing rate applied is lowered. For example, on a project involving a projected 100 hours of time, we might apply an hourly billing rate of only $65-70 per hour. This is a subjective application of hourly rate, and will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the various key components of the proposal.
We may also quote a 'range of cost' on a project. Quoting a programming project is not a science and it is generally not possible to tell in advance precisely how much time a project will take in terms of hours used. Quoting is an art form at best and we try very hard to cover the hours we feel it will take without 'padding' a quote with contingency time. As such, on some projects that we may find particularly difficult to quote, we may present a 'range of cost', that is the quote could be $3500 to $5000. This enables budget managers to know what the cost could come to, while providing the possibility that if things go relatively smoothly, the cost may only be at the lower end of the range. Our quotes cover actual development time, specification, testing & debugging, on-site time (if applicable), and communications costs.
We provide all source code to the contracting party on completion of a project and we claim no rights to it (unless special terms are agreed upon). If you develop a commercial product through us, we request that you consider us as your support option for that product. Our software products are designed for multi-user, Windows/NT/Novell based network environments. We will provide commercial level installation processes, disk labelling and duplication, recommend a distribution process, as required.
We work well remotely, that is we don't necessarily ever have to visit your site, with everything being done by remote control, fax, telephone, and E-Mail.


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